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1 oz Shot Glass
11 oz Perception Wine Goblet
12 oz Perception Water Glass
12" Salad Bowl (plastic)
6 oz Slim Jim
8 oz Perception Wine Goblet
Brandy Goblet
Cake Stand:- 3 Tier Glass Cake / Sandwich Stand
Champagne Flute
Champagne Saucer
Footed Sundae Dish
Glass Bowls
Glass Buffett Plate 48 cm x 40 cm
Glass Vases
Glass Water Jugs
Half pint Nonik
Half Pint Slim Jim
Ice Barrel and Tongs
Knickerbocker Glory Glass 10 oz - sundae spoons also available
Liqueur Glass
Martini Glass 5 oz (14 cl)
Paris Goblet
Port Glass
Prawn Cocktail Glass Dish
Punch Bowl (Glass)
Tall Perception Champagne Flute 6 oz
Water Jug 60oz (plastic)
Whiskey Tumbler Glass