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Stainless & Holloware
Balti Dish 6.3/4"
Cake / Sandwich Stand:- 3 Tier Stand with 3 glass shelves / stainless steel handle.
Chafing dish 50cm (20")
Chafing fuel - Sale Item
Coffee pot 70 oz (stainless steel)
Cream jug 10 oz (stainless steel)
Ham Stand
Jug 3lt (Stainless steel)
Oval flat 46cm (18")
Oval flat 61cm (24")
Oval Lids (12")
Oval lids 50cm (20")
Rectangular chafing dish 50cm (20")
Round Flat 30cm (12")
Salad bowl 25cm (10") dia (stainless steel)
Salmon flat 61cm (24")
Salmon flat 75cm (30")
Sauce boat (Stainless Steel)
Soup tureen/lid/ladle (8 pt)
Sugar bowl 10oz (stainless steel)
Sundae coups (stainless steel) / Prawn Cocktail Coups
Tea pot 30oz (stainless steel)
Tea pot 70oz (stainless steel)
Veg dish undivided 30 cm (12")
Veg dish undivided 50cm (20")
Veg. dish divided 30cm (12")
Veg. dish divided 50cm (20")
Wine cooler stand
Wine cooler/champagne bucket